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Calculated columns: Display items created this month

To view the SharePoint list items that are created this month you need to create two calculated columns and a custom view.

Add a new calculated column StartMonth and at the following formula:

=DATE(YEAR([Created]), MONTH([Created]), 1)

For the second calculated column EndMonth use the following formula:

=DATE(YEAR([Due Date]), MONTH([Due Date])+1,1)-1

Now create a new view and add the following filters:

StartMonth is less than or equal to [Today]


EndMonth is greater than or equal to [Today]

now you have a view for all calls created this month.

How to get the ID of item which is just created with Nintex call web service

When you use the standard create item in Nintex you have the option to store the new item ID in a variable, this option isn’t available when you create an item via web service.

The solution is to use the Store result in option in the Call web service action.



Now add the Query XML action and query the result from the web service with XPath (//@ows_ID)



This result will be your newly created item ID