Add each item from InfoPath repeating section to SharePoint field with Nintex Workflow

If you want to add all items from a repeating section in InfoPath to a SharePoint field via Nintex workflow you can.

Create three variables:
Two text: “SoftwareToRetract” and “SoftwareRetracted “and one collection: “software collection”

  • Use an XML Query and select XML source current item;
  • Process using XPath;
  • Add your repeating field *
  • store the result in the Collection variable “software collection”

Add an For Each

  • Target Collection is “Software Collection”;
  • Store result in “SoftwareToRetract”;

Buid dynamic string

  • insert reference “SoftwareToRetract”;
  • add another one to insert reference to “SoftwareRetracted”
  • Store result in “SoftwareRetracted”

After the For Each add an Update item

  • select the field that stores the results and as workflow variable “SoftwareRetracted”

*You can get your XPATH code by opening your InfoPath form in InfoPath 2007. Now go to the field in the data source
task pane and right-click, copy XPath to get a field’s xpath code. Past it in the process XPATH field of your Query XML.

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