Create a listitem with date via a SharePoint Webservice workflow

On the internet there are enough methods to create a item via SharePoint Webservice, but getting date fields inserted took me more research.


Create in Nintex Workflow the following variables:

  • StartDate (Date and Time)
  • StartDateConverted (Text)
  • XML (Text)


Set the created date in the variable Startdate with a Set variable action.

Add the calculate  date action, select in the by Date field the variable Startdate.
Add the variable StartDateConverted by the field Store ISO 8601 Date 

Add an Build Dynamic string action and cofingure as followed:


Save the data in the variable txtBatchXML

Add a Call web service action
Add via the Insert Reference button the field {Common:WebUrl}, followed by /_vti_bin/lists.asmx. The full address is {Common:WebUrl}/_vti_bin/lists.asmx

Enter the Username and Pasword click Refresh.
Now select Web Method UpdateListItems and at the ID from the list by listname and for updates select the variable txtBatchXML

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