Retrieve user properties from SharePoint person field with Nintex Workflow

When working with a personfield in SharePoint you need to remember that the field doesn’t save the username from the user but his SharePoint userID. If you want to use this field to get the emailaddress, firstname or other userproperties from the user you can use Nintex workflow to retrieve these items.

Create two text variables, one for web service result and one for Query XML result.

Add an Call web service action

  • Url is the current url via Web Url and add the following to call the userprofile webservice /_vti_bin/userprofileservices.asmx
  • Web method is GetUserProfileByName
  • AccountName is the SharePoint personfield
  • Save to the variable webservice result 

Add an Query XML

  • XML is the variable webservice result
  • Process using XSLTretrieveuserpropertiesfromsharepointpersonfield
  • Store result in variable Query XML result

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